Posted by umleo23 on November 8th, 2014

Singaporean Wants Separate Bus For Filipino Maids

Posted by umleo23 on March 6th, 2014
Photo from Google Image

Photo from Google Image

There was this post that I have read that one Local Singaporean posted an open letter anonymously on The Real Singapore (TRS), a free online platform where Local Singaporeans freely express themselves without any censorship.

The author said that Filipinos should have their own private bus most especially Filipino Maids who have the tendency to be unruly or noisy during their bus ride to their favorite hangout place at Orchard Road.

“I do welcome them to take our public transport as it helps to contribute to our GDP and SMRT’s revenue. Unfortunately, this Pinoy maids were talking so loud in the bus. They joked and burst out laughing loudly. It’s nothing wrong to joke and chit chat in the bus as Sunday is only their off day, however, they should be a little bit more considerate by caring for other passengers too. What I heard in the bus was Phillipino language and I felt like I am taking a bus in Manila. Their voices were just as loud as thunderstorm,” he wrote. Read the rest of this entry »

This Is Me

Posted by umleo23 on March 5th, 2014

I can always say hurtful things. Sometimes I say things in a different perspective, or in a different way. But it’s not meant to hurt anyone. Its aim is to make that someone realize that some things does matter more.

I am not perfect. I have flaws and I am not stopping anyone to criticize me; correct me whenever it is needed. I know how to listen and I know when it is, I really need to apologize. I can be very harsh, I know that. But when I know I got a point, I would bluntly say it. Read the rest of this entry »

Man, Allegedly Raped by Vhong Navarro, Comes Forward

Posted by umleo23 on February 27th, 2014

And since uso ang ang nare-rape ni Vhong:


Only several days after beauty contestant Roxanne Acosta Cabanero filed rape charges against ABS-CBN actor-comedian Vhong Navarro, a new rape allegation has surfaced, this time from a man.  Read the rest of this entry »

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